HELP please - what should I do? Another conundrum for the team

What should I do with this one?

I don’t know how I find these problems - I’m trying to catch up but all I seem to be doing is going back and repairing. Shall we leave this one for the Dictionary Team?
Lots to read at the Red List - the Preferred Name. - which iSpot unfortunately doesn’t link to. (grammar?)

You cannot force the Dictionaries. I think you are lucky having some synonyms to play with.
Use the Description Panel (not comments) to explain, you can edit that at will.
I believe you need to cultivate a new ZA team to help you with agreements and so shift Likely when needed.

PS I have just seen Tony’s comment - milder than normal!
Do note that iNat is still using an old name, despite his assertions - best not challenge him!

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I wonder what the others have done about the Sarcocornia - I was happy with S.capensis, but today I found another paper - needs a proper expert I think - I was lucky to find these in flower.
PS thanks for the Mesembs.!

Salicornia and Sarcocornia are tricky enough in UK where there are very few species but in ZA I suspect they are very difficult. DNA is starting to be used to differentiate the species e.g. although this is not coastal ZA.

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Thanks Mike - I think that the best I can do is post as many pics that may help with ID, and show distribution - many experts are not willing to make a firm ID from a photo.
PS my latest puzzle is Asparagus ovatus - looking at the carousel, to see if mine matched, I was wondering if these should have been moderated.(if that’s the correct term)

I am not sure what you mean about moderated, some in the carousel look a bit different to each other but not sure if that is just natural variation in the species

Not sure either - I have tried to stay with the species that occur on the Cape Peninsula (mostly Cape Point, Silvermine and Rondebosch Common) and the West Coast National Park, but when I see something on the carousel that don’t seem to match I wonder if anyone has checked the correctness; it’s so easy for one error to be perpetuated, especially when there has been no rationale for the choice - nowadays I prefer to not choose the option “I’m as sure as I can be” - because this doesn’t mean that one is right - but that I THINK I am. Does this make sense ?

It is the same for everything everywhere not just in ZA for plants, when a carousel appears with similar species I do sometimes check through them all and do occasionally spot one that is not right and try to correct it, suspect other people do this as well as it is a useful thing to do and one reason we developed the carousels.

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