Help!: What a silly system

Someone has discovered a duplicate observation of mine.
It is this:

It obviously did not load correctly, and I missed it, so I reloaded it at:

Cool. But that was months ago. So I now know that I need to delete observation top.

But How? This is hundreds of observations ago. Dozens of clicks and more clicks and clicks to slowly go back into the past in my Profile > Observations, each page taking 30 seconds to upload. No filter possible. No easy way of going back except by playing with the ?page=x and trying to second guess on which page this date might be. But at last I understand why one needs the silly preview on the page: dont want to delete the wrong observation as the observation numbers are not shown, so which “Hopper” will I be deleting …

Anyone know a short cut? Would be appreciated.

And in trying to find it I discovered:

Without an observation date!! (it should have been 21 May). But iSpot was then clever. After displaying the page without a date for a few minutes it added it as an afterthought as the date on which I posted it.

What is happening? Why the corruption of data?

I added an ID (because the group also did not show (a little circle in the tag line and no group on the observation), and now it says that the date of observation as 3 June at 12h02 when the photograph and the observation should say 21 May at 14h18.

Why is this corrupting of data happening?

And if I try edting the data, then the date is missing! But iSpot shows the date on the observation??? What is happening??
Why the corruption, and why hide the corruption with false data? Is iSpot not supposed to be a scientific project?

Found it: on page 28 - quite a few observations labelled hopper on the day …

I hope that I “unpublished” it correctly
Why not call a spade a spade??? How does unpublishing differ from deleting? If it is different where is this explained to the poster? What does it mean for the science?

And in the same batch:

The user cannot remove the tag. It refuses to be removed.

We used to be able to search sensibly - you’d think a search for Hopper Tony Rebelo would find Observation Titles. Does it? Yes but in an amazingly tortuous way! but then, I see, you’ve found it.
I used to look at the URL and change Page x (I thought I was the only one) But it’s not much different to clicking next UNLESS you know what page to look at!
in short I do not know short cuts out of the misery. Certainly the whole of the Search ‘facility’ needs an overhaul but NOT made more complex

Search does not help. It takes you to the observation. But you can only edit it and not delete it. To delete it you need to go to your profile and there is no search or filters there. You have to hunt and peck for the observation (and for me that is over 1000 pages to hunt and peck through …

Ah yes, finding it and Unpublishing it - mmm different things, sorry. If you know the date then you can find it in your Observations - your question is HOW!

@ Tony: Not really a short cut & irrelevant to your ancient posting, but I keep in ‘Your iSpot’ an ongoing Filter of all my Observations from 1 June. In Carousel View I can relatively quickly scan & find any duplicate observations I may have made. 2 so far - I got ‘404 Error’ notices so reposted only to find the fiendish system had indeed captured the original. No more ‘Delete’ function, apparently, but ‘Unpublish’ (whatever the hell that is!) seems to have taken 'em away. Might be helpful to other strugglers?

The first thing I will do when I get a data dump is construct a “whats happened to your observations” for users. Applies only to southern Africa though.
Alas the August 1 data dump has not yet materialized …