Help with Damselfly ID please?

Small delicate damselfly seen by garden pond in Co Durham. Body length on 4-5cm max. Fluttering flight pattern. Abdomen mix of black and apple green - eyes also green - antehumeral stripes - Uncertain on species - kind of looks a bit like a female Scarce Blue-Tailed Damselfly but a bit far North ?? I have pics I can send if anyone interested

Please post it, with photos, in the Observations list - not many users visit the forums.
The site is a bit quirky. You don’t have to add an identification, just pick “invertebrates” as the group. Or, you could use a general identification, e.g. “Odonata”.
Note that you can’t free-type that identification - you must start typing it, then carefully pick a choice from the drop-down list. Otherwise the gremlins get cross, and the proper links to external sites and other similar posts won’t form.
Looking forward to having a stab at it (if I can beat our Dragon/Damsel expert to it!)

Hi there – thanks for your reply – had already done that too – but wasn’t sure if folks are able to respond to an observation or how ?? – please advise

There are three ways of responding to an observation

  1. by adding an agreement
  2. by adding a revised identification (or initial identification if one wasn’t provided)
  3. by adding a comment

You should be able to spot the buttons for at least the last two. (It’s likely that you’re not offered an opportunity to agree to your own identification, and clearly you can’t add an agreement if there isn’t an identification.)

I can’t find it but would like to help. Can you LINK the post here? Please?

I remain a little sceptical about the ID have been given – the creature is really much smaller than the Azure Blue’s I see and am familiar with – only just over the length of my finger tip joint – 3-4 cm ?? – and flight pattern very much more ‘fluttery’ – more like a lacewing fly or mayfly

but happy to be convinced !!

Chris is seldom wrong, especially when it comes to damselflies.

not casting aspersions - indeed am v grateful to chris for taking the time to share his knowledge with an amateur - am just trying to understand the substantial difference between the damselfly in the picture and the much larger/ faster Azure Blues that I see on the pond that am familiar with. All the best

I think you should take your ‘request’ to the Observation. Chris has added a decent reason why he has suggested Azure. There is more in Mr Google, type Coenagrion puella female into your browser and check Images