Hidden images (and padding characters)

I’ve just noted an issue with Thistle’s Horseradish - iSpot won’t show the images in the List view.
But with this one:

It won’t show me the photos at all.

It ‘knows’ they are there - the icon is a butterfly, not a cross.
If I try to show one full-screen:

I looks like the uploading process has accepted the original images but has failed in making them into the smaller sized JPGs. I’d be interested to know why but I guess this isn’t one of your observations?


Have now downloaded the images to my home development machine and they display just fine - so for some reason iSpot has failed to convert them to the smaller sizes. Now to find out why…

If I re-save them from Photoshop they work. So it is something a tad weird with the files themselves that iSpot’s processing doesn’t like.

No - neither of the posts where I encountered the problem are mine - they’re from two different users.