Hostile species popup

If you enter Malus, and wait for the popup to settle you end up with a popup which doesn’t include Malus - it has a long list of partial matches which is truncated before you get that far down the alphabet.
I’d previously noticed that if you weren’t quick enough it replaced the matching entries with a list of fuzzy matches and you had to scroll down (or backspace the name to force it back to the shorter list) to get the one you wanted.

This may be a gremlin related to one I’ve noted before: it doesn’t seem to like a “completed” name. I find that if I leave a letter or two missing (say, “Malu…”), the drop-down can be more accurate. I’ve humorously (a matter of opinion…) suggested that the gremlins like to think they’re the clever ones, but in reality I have no idea what sort of algorithm would produce this effect.

Unfortunately this issue has been there since the new system was introduced, no idea why it happens but as you mention sometimes you have to be quick to get the right match. I have had many problems with it, need to check that it has actually given the correct species and has not jumped to something else.

I could not reproduce it with Malus, (it settled correctly for me) but is is a common issue, pausing sometimes makes for confusion, specially as AmDn says, if one types in the whole.

I’ve had that one for years - reckon am too old and reactions just not fast enough to stop it ‘taking over’…