How do I add my photo to my button?

Some users have photographs in their user buttons. How do you do this?

Click on your name in the top bar,
Click on “Edit Profile”.
Scroll down to “Picture”
Upload a suitable snap.
Click on “Update” at the bottom.

Sorry - that’s wrong. I think the pictures are imported from other websites which use them. Mine is an old Facebook profile picture.

Yes, it’s wrong. It would NEVER be as intuitive as that.


I was told that what I had to do was open a Gravatar Account and load my picture there.

I have done that, but there is no way to push the picture from Gravatar to the iSpot forum.

It seems as if one gets the picture from Gravatar when one signs up. But iSpot did the signing up and the option was/is not available.

I didn’t load a picture up - mine appeared, probably because it was in a list somewhere with some kind of link to me. It is my photo (as opposed to a photo of me), but I can’t remember when I last used it.

And yet it allows you to do so - it’s just that it doesn’t seem to “take” - but there’s no error message.
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Some settings have now been altered and it may be possible to add a photo to your name. I say ‘may be’ since I still have not got it to work nor could I get the Gravatar to work but the setting is such that it should work. Looking on forums about Discourse it seems this particular setting is not the most easy and reliable.

It works. Thanks.
Both uploading directly and from Gravatar

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If anyone else wants to do this, click on your own Icon to find Preferences/Profile Pictures and upload a picture - make it small but beautiful