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How to crash iSpot

This has happened a few times now, most recently when visiting
Usually, when first loaded, the front page gallery photos are not visible, displaying what I refer to as the “no-entry signs”: :no_entry_sign:
But, when visiting individual posts, the same sometimes happens: one or more photos do not display properly. Occasionally, they will eventually load, often not. I found that if I try to load one with the full-size button, sometimes it then loads properly. But lately, this always results in the site crashing with a “500 error”.

could you give a bit more detail, either here or on contact us button. When I try that page it loads immediately with no problem but of course it could be a time of day issue, for example if loads of search engine bots are trying to access the site all at the same time

This seems to happen with any post where, when I open it, at least one photo is not displayed properly. (The number of photos does not seem to make this either more or less likely.) This happens irregularly. Sometimes, if I wait patiently, the picture will eventually display. I have noticed, though, that if I switch to another page, progress is halted till the post has the “focus” again.
Often, I can scroll between the “no entry” photo and other properly-displayed ones without causing the issue. They can be opened full size without problems.
But, if I click on the “full screen” button for the “faulty one”, that’s when I hit the problem. I’m guessing that there has been some glitch in transferring the data, and somehow the address/link/whatever has been corrupted or lost. So I may be asking the site to work with faulty data.

that sounds like it “So I may be asking the site to work with faulty data.” perhaps Chris will comment further. It could well be down to certain periods when there is a sudden load from bots.