How to restore South Africa’s endangered seagrass meadows

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Join us on Wednesday next week for a talk on seagrass conservation in South Africa by a very impressive scientist - Katie Watson - a captivating speaker with an infectious passion for this topic (sure to get you fired up about it too!). Katie is a PhD Candidate at Stellenbosch University, exploring how to restore South Africa’s endangered seagrass meadows. Her research forms part of the first seagrass restoration project in South Africa.
Katie is originally from the Isle of Man, UK, where she started volunteering with the Manx Wildlife Trust at 16. From there, she has worked with NGOs and research institutes across the UK, Madagascar, Mozambique, India and Japan.
Alongside her primary research she shares the marine world with her underwater photography (check out her Instagram @underwaterwithkatie) and science communication work, runs her own ecological consultancy, works as a lecturer at Stellenbosch, is a member of the IUCN Seagrass Specialist Group and continues to work with the Manx Wildlife Trust on the Biodiversity Impact Committee. @sciencecafemuizenberg #sciencecommunication #seagrassconservation #marine #saveouroceans #restorationprojects #seagrassmeadows #sciencetalks #southafrica #conservation #IUCN #stellenboschuniversity #passonyourpassion

Is the talk online? Almost all of the talks to our department at OU are online these days BUT are limited as who can attend, some of them can be made more generally available afterwards.

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In Studland Dorset, England, the Seahorse Trust is promoting the useof eco- moorings to protect the Zostera for the Seahorse communities. Info here:

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Wondering now if I have pics taken at low tide at Langebaan Lagoon and never identified them,