Humpback whale in Kent

The day I went to Kent my Aunty spotted a humpback whale and took pictures and sent my family the photos of the whale. When people spotted it it was all over the news

would any one like to see the photos on I spot of the humpback whale. Mum sent the photos to me from my Aunty that she took of it so I can have them and use them so Il give her credit for the photos so I was wondering if anyone would like to see them on I spot nature and if there ok with it and if they will find it interesting?

So would anyone want to see her photos of the humpback whale from the news on I spot nature?

I think it would be a worthwhile post.

Here is the humpback whale

It wont go into the dictionary but should be sorted once it has agreements. I thought people might find it interesting so I hope you find it interesting. The whale was removed eventually so when my Aunty visited again it had gone so she let me and my family know it had gone since we were going to go and see it when I go that week. It will interesting weather conservationists do see it as a sign they might be starting to recover or not

Hope you can check your observation soon, Zo as you have some response :slight_smile:

Thanks. I was just busy which is why I couldn’t check the observation and see or respond to the comments but I checked eventually so iv checked and iv commented aswell

I was surprised to find there was barely much observations sent to I spot of humpback whales i thought that a humpback whale would be one of those lots of people would send to I spot considering whale strandings arnt actualy unusual. I was told there has been lots of whale strandings recently. Weather those are humpback or not I havnt loked into it though. Aparantly only one person had sent an identification of a humpback whale. As of when I saw it That one is Not yet agreed upon or confirmed by exsperts as such un like the Kent one I sent of course though. the only other observation of a humpback whale after the other persons is mine so there’s only 2. id of thought a lot more people would be sending humpback whales to I spot than they are or at least hoping theyv seen one and ending up sending it to I spot. people do do that weather a species is endangered or not sometimes swearing it is one or at least hoping and sending it to get identified

NHM (natural history museum in London) says there are 400-600 strandings per year Investigating whale strandings | Natural History Museum

The part where I put I was told there has been lots of whale strandings recently.

I don’t know how recent the strandings are they mentioned but it was someone I told the news to and showed the photo my Aunty took to that said there has been lots of strandings recently. But in general strandings do happen and there not unusual. I don’t know what Whales were involved in the recent strandings the person was on about or how recent those are cause I didn’t ask but it sounded like they meant quiet recently

Im still wondering why there’s only 2 observations of humpback whale

Several hundred strandings per year sounds a lot; however, the chances of an ispotter being there are slim, so it’s serendipitous that you have an aunt who was there & shared with your family and, via a circuitous route, you shared it with us.

Ok. Thanks. I did wonder why.

I get the impression that they get cleared pretty quickly from the beach on health and safety grounds.
If they wash up at the base of rocky cliffs the wave action will finish them off quickly enough that the smell will not be a problem.

The video here (and elsewhere) shows how not to deal with it.

It makes you wonder why people would want to do that to a magnificent creature like a whale even if it isn’t alive it’s still not very respectful to blow whales up regardless of weather its alive or not really thankfuly most people don’t blow them up with TNT . even if people wernt on the beach it would still of done some damage. When me and my family told some family members in sumerset wev known since I was little about the whale my Aunty saw on the beach my uncle suddenly said oh that reminds me of this video I saw from a long time ago there was a dead whale on the beach and people decided to blow it up with TNT and showed my family the video and they all laughed about it My uncle asked if he should tell me and Mum said I don’t think he would appreciate it but he told me anyway and I said that doesn’t sound like a good thing. Mum said it’s dead I said yes I know but it still isn’t the right thing to do People usually just move it

My family found it funny but they didn’t mention that it hit everyone so weather they only saw the video and not read the news about it I don’t know but they did see the video of it. They must of thought it would be amusing for the audience aswell as being a quick fix to get rid of it without having to move it the fact it rained blubber and hit a car and caused it to exsplode is a good example of why you shouldn’t use that method for strandings on beaches not only is it disrespectful to the carcass that was once a magnificent creature swimming the ocean but it is a danger to people aswell as cars and other things in the spot of thd stranding