Identification help please - flower

Hi. Can someone help me identify this flower, please? It was no more than 1cm high and no more than 1cm in diameter. It was seen in Powys in late September, down at the base of tall bracken, in a very small clearing, at the bottom of a flat rock outcrop on a very gentle slope. Maybe it was benefitting from water run off from the slightly sloping rock. The flower was very low on the ground. Unfortunately I haven’t photographed the stem or leaves. I didn;’ have my glasses with me. I have been right through my flower book and noted slender march bedstraw (wrong flowering time), some sort of centaury, some sort of spurge, parsley piert (but that likes chalk and this area is acid and peaty) and pearlwort but none of these really fit. Thank you.

ble about flowers.

The forum is not well-supported, so you’ll stand a much better chance of an ID if you post this on the main site.

Sedum anglicum? As Amadan says, the forum isn’t really the place for getting photos identified.

Yes you need to post this as an observation go to any of the ispot pages and click on ‘add an observation’ and follow instructions there.

In this instance I wonder if the flower has fallen off from above.

Sedum anglicum is what Google Lens came up with. But this flower is tetramerous, and Sedum anglicum normally is pentamerous. I’d entertain Mike’s idea that it’s a fallen flower.

Precisely how big is the flower?

Hi. Thank you for the suggestion that I take this request to the main site. OK, will do. Will try anyway.
I hope this will do as a reply to all three kind folks who answered me. I said in my original post that the flower was no more than 1cm tall and the same in diameter. No, it was not a fallen flower.
Thank you to all. I will see where the enquiry takes me now.