Identification help required

A friend has sent me this photo and I just cannot get into my head what it is. It was between two pieces of wood, in a garden, southern England. Overall it is around 75mm x 150mm. I have been told that although sticky, it was quite rigid and the two planks of wood had to be forcibly moved apart (it was actually between the back of a bird box and a fence). My friend thought it might be a spider’s web of some sort, and there were some small black spiders present. To me it looks like some form of grub nest perhaps. Any advice greatly appreciated, thank you.

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You might like to have a look at thisand see wat you think.


Thank you, one of the photos in the link certainly looks like it. Cheers.

Do I see some rib bones in it?

The forums are not the most popular part of the site - I think you’d have more success posting this in the Observations. However, there is some interest already - though that doesn’t prevent you doing so.

I would really like to see this as an observation. You already have some nice Posts with good photography. Please post it.

They remind me of the communal cocooning of the Bee Moth, Aphomia sociella. However, that would mean that the box/site would have had to have been used by bees in the recent past. For reference, though:




They are the spinnings of wax moth (Galleria mellonella) larvae.

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