Idle thoughts relating to the crowning of King Charles III

This is just idle meandering but I found myself wondering how many species of animals/plants can be related to the Coronation of King Charles III.
I don’t mean things like Coronation Chicken or King Charles Spaniel but proper living species.
Various species of King Prawn would qualify, for example.
Kingfisher, Kingcup, Royal fern, …
But I cannot think of anything with Charles in its name. Nor Camilla.

Your starter for one
I added an Observation at the very moment of Crowning

Search engines are sometimes your friends.
There’s a tree frog, named in 2008, by the name of Hyloscirtus princecharlesi.
There are 3 plants with camillae (Gasteria, Iris, Potentilla) as the species epithet, but they’re all too old to be named after Camilla Shand/Parker-Bowles/Windsor. Lots of plants with epithets based on Charles or Carolus, but it would take some work to find out who or what (a lot are named after Carolina, and there might be some named after a Charles River) they were named after.

I think that Cavalier King Charles was probably named after the first one!

Monarch butterfly
King Penguin
royal albatross… perhaps it’s time to move on!

Best anagrams for Charles Camilla with a biological link “camellias larch” and “acari clamshell”


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Britain Has a New King. The Swans Have a New Owner. - The New York Times.

Some of them on iSpot

'In the 1500s, Queen Elizabeth I …royal courts sided with the queen, ruling that she had a right to unmarked swans, along with “royal fish,” a classification that includes sturgeons, whales and porpoises. (Yes, whales and porpoises are mammals, not fish, but that is what they were called.)
‘The law stands to this day. In 2004, a fisherman in Wales caught a sturgeon and lawfully offered it to the queen before selling it. The queen declined.’

I’ve reached my limit with NY Times
Bur this is worth noting

More on this:


Each very good, thanks

more about Sturgeons

Saw this in one of the newspapers

While Charles has been having his top put on I have got a little celebration of my own.

Well done, Refugee. We should organise a fly-past!

I hadn’t heard of the badge. Congratulations!

That sounds like fun. Birds with trails or red and blue smoke.
We could always go for hornets if we can get the smoke generators on without getting stung…

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Welcome to the exclusive club. Just thee and me.

That is right just the two of us.

Peeved…name withheld!