Image limit - (some random extra words because the system insists on them)

When trying to update I was presented with a message that there is a limit of 10 images to an entry.
Presumably an error, such a restriction would be really foolish so cannot be a feature.

Well, personally I would think there should be a limit.
I guess if I had 20 useful images I might consider a second post or even a project. There are quite a few old posts with more than 10 of course but they will take a good while to load into this new site and may never load into an old device

In any case you seem to have exceeded your quota by 3 - accept a fine of £3 or go to jail!:smiley:

I disagree. Some of the best entries track e.g. the life cycle of a butterfly from egg to egg, with all stages in between, so egg, minute lava, worms, cocoons, butterflies mating, egg, and perhaps a foray into what the critter eats. This functionality would be lost with a ten image entry.

I agree such a restriction is foolish. It was not needed for 5 years, and lots of instances of good observations with up to 50 images exist. Cases include:
rearing larvae (egg, instars, pupae adults, giffs of emerging, food plants, parasites emerging, etc. 50 pics may not be enough.
behaviour (e.g. interactions between two species: can easily exceed 30 pics)
tough plants: habit, habitat, leaf, branch, habit, stem, frower, fruit, bark, back of flower, side of flower = 11 and special features not even included.

Really foolish!!

I disagree!! for reasons articulated elsewhere. What are your reasons for the limit.
And why spread your pictures over 3 or 4 observations. You have merely provided a workaround as to why the restriction is stupid.

My immediate response is that it takes too long to download and view ONE picture, let alone 20.
My considered response is the more the merrier and certainly one picture is never enough. At the moment the limit is fine, when the next corrective recode happens, when Track and Changes have been reinstated, when we can Edit replies (like here), then bring it on for Champion posts with egg to adult sequences.
Not everyone will have seen this still as gorgeous as ever! And which, incidentally, took only 11 seconds to FULLY load!
Things are looking up perhaps? (Edited three times)

Getting data in and on is far more important than getting it out.

You have fast lines. Spare a thought for SAficans with kbyte lines …