Improvements (yes, improvements)

Something is tarting to work… Just received an email of an identification on my OB. Looks like we are getting some communication back…:joy::joy:

An email from iSpot. Is that not contradictory to their policy?

False alarm - directed to me by identifier

Next/Prev is new in the last day or so (yes?). Be nice to have this in Full Size mode too. Though please dump Zoom

No. OLD.

But only in observations with more than 3 pics. 3 pics does not get prev-next

I missed that then - thanks.
Another I may have missed
A hyperlink gets an increasing score when it is clicked (Forum only) - Grey number end of links.
Are you seeing what I am seeing here PROJECTS - Ideas for the Future - and does it apply to all links? Internal and External (I can’t influence this because I placed it).
Rather cleverly it only collects one click per user - yes? (I can only increase the score once)

I’d like gallery mode back, but a notification system and better performance and the old carousel navigation features should take preference. (Before the upgrade I could work through observations at a rate of about 1 a minute - look at the reduced pictures, enlarge one if necessary for identification, and add an agreement.)

yes, absolutely @lavateraguy - me too.

It seems to be faster (still slower, I think, than the old Southern Africa site, but I suppose it is VITAL in this day and age for a site to use modern graphics to their utmost potential) and I no longer get the feeling that I’m using a site that was designed with no thought for people outside of France and Germany and the british Isles.

I very much like that I can now throw all the pictures for an observation on upload at once. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they will all upload, because internet. Again, qualified by the “It would be nice if I could do something other than stare at the screen while they’re uploading, like the old SA site”, but it does encourage me to get up and walk while at the computer, which has to be good for my health (although it is usually to the refrigerator, so…).

I also very much like the fact that I remain logged on.

You do not have to wait. You can go and fill in everything else and be ready to save the moment all your pictures are loaded. Most importantly you can add lots of notes.

But check that all the pictures are loaded (dont trust the tick that says that they are - it does not work!!!), because of you save before they are done you get a screen-freezing error an gave to start again.

Also you can (but check carefully) upload several observations at the same time. (click on Add Observation with a mouse-wheel-click or a right-click>open-in-new-tab) So if one is not finished start on the next (but remember a slow line will mean that everything will slow down), but if you have lots of notes to write, it may be a good strategy.
Remember to save those that you had not finished with.

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Who will write the indexed Absolutely Definitive Guide to iSpot (ADGiS)- when the time comes?

I would be keen if iSpot came half way up to expectations.

But now: it would be too depressing for words.

We did have a manual for curators, which explained lots of things. But that was thrown out of the window in the Sept 2014 update, especially when it took almost five months to get the worst of the bugs out, and many still in!

Smile Please

On Forum posts I can see ‘Reply’ on posts already here. But clearly some of you are posting new comments that are not replies.
Guidance please.

Well that’s odd. My post just now was done as a 'reply’to dj’s excellent picture of the AIDGS guy, but my ‘reply’ appears as a new comment.
So I still need guidance as I don’t understand the protocol.
I have done this as a ‘reply’ to myself.

It’s best, in a reply here to use a quote. As you see, replies are not next to originals, unless you’re quick (i was here). Highlight a quote and click quote - your reply will then belong to the original.
You can bring quotes from old places too -

It’s a bit more complicated that that as there are two forms of reply - reply to Post and Reply to Topic (blue). IF you are late with your reply it automatically shows it is a reply to the original - see my next
Wouldn’t it be nice if iSpot had half the features here?

That ‘guy’ is Linneus!
See, you are flagged in the corner. You need to stay indoors longer Jo!

Except that the old iSpot forums comment, replies and the way that it connected the threads is far superior to this.

This is a linear system and it sucks! Following threads is impossible. At best you can see who you replied to by clicking on the top and who replied at the bottom.

But it is far superior to the current comments on observations which hides after 10 comments, and if you reply to a comment after the 10th, then the first page loads and your reply vanishes onto page two and yuo have to start again, trying to find out where the reply is… REALLY SUCKS.

That ‘guy’ is Linneus!
Ah ha, I think I now see how its done. So I’m trying a reply with quote. Linnaeus, well fancy that. I am impressed with your ability to annotate photos; the book title is splendid; I feel jubilant if I can add an arrow to a photo.

Yes - highlight the text and click quote (you didn’t). I believe it’s important, otherwise we’ll not know which specific post you are responding to.