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On Beetles:

Nice Jo. MUCH better than a note to say the Carousel is not working (since October) or a 7 month old Tweet - do we think? Oh yes!

Not a newspaper article, but inthe news. Cuttlefish camouflage work from Wood’s Hole USA.


Not in newspaper, but news nevertheless.
From: Forestry Commission
Forest Services South West England
Since sweet chestnut blight was first confirmed in Devon in 2016, there have been cases at eight sites in Devon, a site in Dorset, eight sites in East London, a site in Berkshire, three sites in Derbyshire, and one site in Leicestershire. In all cases action was taken to limit spread of the disease from sites and determine its local distribution.Full information about the disease, including pictorial guides to the symptoms, is available on the Forestry Commission website at We are appealing to sweet chestnut owners and managers to keep alert for the disease and report any suspicious symptoms to the Forestry Commission using Tree Alert

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This video explores the world’s largest known flame shell bed located within the Loch Carron
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Climate change threatens rare British orchid that tricks bees into mating

Yes but Males are not completely fooled (ever) “the orchid cannot compete with the alluring scent of the real thing – and the plant is ignored by the male bees.”

Not in the newspapers, but enjoy this a lovely spider video from Manchester University.

It’s a wonderful video - thanks. Made me smile.

Yes, me too Jo. Nice to see you popping in with some brightness!

There was a news report to the effect that Japanese knotweed is uneradicable, based on research from the University of Swansea. But I haven’t managed to track down the actual research. (My understanding is that Japanese knotweed can be seen off by consistent mowing, grazing, or application of glyphosate - the problem is that often the regime isn’t continued for long enough.)

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Would this be the paper?

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And RHS advice

Looks like it. Thanks.

It doesn’t cover mowing (which might involve risk of transporting propagules elsewhere) or grazing (tether a goat or few in the middle of a colony) as control strategies.

There’s always something new to find,

This article is about the American crayfish in Bath.

Anyone seen these? I didn’t even know there were f/w jellyfish.