Insect Week 2023

In case you don’t know, Insect Week 2023 is 19 - 25 June.


Thanks for the reminder, I’m on the case and will post more information asap

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Yes and expect me to be very supportive - thanks
Last year

This year…


Thanks for picking up on this and getting the ball rolling on this again!
Pleased to share that iSpot is acknowledged as a partner of Insect Week again this year see link here: iSpot - Insect Week.

Apologies, I was a little behind but the Insect Week news story is now up and notification posted - both link to the project! Can I ask that the project not be deleted. I will update the link in the news story etc when it changes for the next iFocus.

It seems to be going really well - some lovely and varied observations! Thanks for organising it!

I know it’s not Insect Week now, but if on of the ‘invertebrata’ here could have a look and comment at this new members post it might encourage them to continue.

Sorry, never even heard of a sand cricket!

Well, I’m sure it’s mother loved it!

Thanks Invertebrata for adding ids & comments to the SandCricket post. I learnt a lot about them as a result. I hope the poster did too.

Calling the iSpot Invertebrata…
This post is from a new ispotter in Germany,

I don’t know if the ID is correct, but if it is could one of you add a Comment to that effect.

I have already added a Welcome and in my comment there I explain that the lack of the presumptive ID in the Global Dictionary dropdown options may be an iSpot error.

And is this forum post sufficient to report the apparent Global Dictionary ommission ?

You will see I have responded to Borage.
One would hope they are not put off by this unfortunate issue
I have been commenting about the state of iSpot’s Global dictionary for years.
I have offered temporary solutions, including the Community Cheat to many Global posters,
There is a plan to update the Global dictionary but it is simply ‘on hold’ and it will not be simple!
I have added the tag absent1 to the Observation. One day someone will find it valuable I suppose.

Taking advantage of this forum to ask if I am anywhere near the ID with this French post.

I tried AI and it suggested the genus Apamea. I don’t know which species occur in France. Pretty sure it’s not M brassicae - it may be variable but not that variable, I think.