Interaction bifurcation

Something weird happened here

where the interaction seems to be in twice in both entries. Not a major problem but clearly something weird has happened. I don’t recall it looking like this on the previous version of iSpot (although cannot guaranteed that it did not).

It also seems to have happened here

Yes, strange… I am left wondering whether this is the place to note such failings?
I feel that fewer and fewer people are coming here (the Forum)

“fewer and fewer people are coming here”
Yes - and to the site in general, I’m afraid. The lack of progress in tackling the bugs, and of general feedback from the site management are probably major factors. It’s all rather sad.

Glad to have found this.
I merely wanted to thank the programmers for so much they have done recently - it must have been quite a challenge.
My interaction problem has been resolved - the option to link never came up, whereas a second interaction linked with no problems.
I’ve ruminated for a couple of days and thought the solution must be linked to the coordinates. So I took the coordinates from the successful one and (although they seemed the same) and added them to the failed one - AND IT LINKED

DOUBLE CHECK via the parent observation

A satisfied customer, giving feedback.
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