Interesting news about arachnids in the UK

I thought I would make a forum where you can talk about arachnids specificaly news wise rather than mixing it up with other news about other species particularly since spiders and arachnids are under recorded and people dont usualy see news about spiders unless its blown out of proportion and its something negative even though there is also good news and there isnt really that much news about arachnids as much as birds and other more popular wildlife. it will be interesting to follow news on them specificaly and how there population trend is and does over time based on news that comes out about them from reliable sources if possible specificaly.

Not exactly hot off the press but this might be of interest:

Even older, but this was rather a dramatic discovery

To save you having to look it up like I did, it is better known as Alopecosa fabrilis.

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thanks for shareing the news