Interesting plant behavior

I have been planting Wildflowers for a couple of years now and dont usualy buy plants from shops. plants sometimes show interesting behaviours. just like animals they are alive and various factors affect there behaviour. while they dont walk or fly or make noises being in a different family to animals they look different and dont have the same behaviours as birds and mammals or insects as in walking and digging, flying, jumping. but they move so slowly that we can’t see it and react to things in there environment.

plant behavior just like wild Animal behavior can also be imteresting. the scabiosa butterfly blue Plant I got from Highfield that one time has grown back and didnt die but it has shown some interesting behavior recently. my plant has been upright for months. as soon as it rained it drooped then after it rained and the sun came out it was back to its normal state and has been ever since then today it rained and it drooped again.

Some plants do turn the backs of there leaves into the rain in response to aphid attack.
I have seen it on citrus where they have have be kept indoors where they tend to get scale insects. The only cure I have found it to take the plant out and chain the pot down and let the rain driven by a 40mph wind knock the pests off.

I remember seeing a time-lapse film of wild oat seeds crawling, I think towards moister soil.

I hope no one minds if I just change the subject slightly temporarily but I thought I would take a picture once in the morning at 11 am and once again at 3 pm to see if any changes are noticeable and so I thought this clear change in the photos might interest people

this is when its wet and rainy

this is after the sun had come out for some time after it rained


notice how the plant droops downward when its raining and then it looks upwards after the rain has passed. the interesting thing is that it was facing up until it got cloudy and rained then after the rain passed it faced upwards again so it wasnt facing downwards until the weather changed. when the weather passed it responded by looking upwards. its very similar to how some plants close when it gets cloudy and rain comes and then open when it passes except in this situation its facing upward or downward instead

David Atenbrough did a documentary on plant movement once.he used time lapse so that you can see plants move in real time

he also did a time lapse in this one aswell but with more advanced technology