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iSPEXIT 2013 and communities

Can I bore you more? Please?
Look at this potentially lovely Global project
And then see how the CoL dictionary deals with Slugs, Better, though, than seaweeds!

Please take time to wander a few of the (currently 51) observations in the project.
Help eliag (and me perhas?)

Bending Locations (with a Virtual Observation)


:star: this Thread is still alive. Is it well?

See this
Iceland in the UK Community 2012

Life before Spexit (UK Community Observations) - Nigeria

  • Equatorial Guinea

Forgotten community
I am still wondering HOW to browse and remain in, the Global Community.
Please can we have a Latest Global Carousel on the Home page?

The Community-cheat Fix
(This one needs the banner unlocked
Using different Dictionaries to get a Valid (Blue) ID panel