iSpot difficulties today

Attempting to load Flock of ten small, brown birds. Lapland Buntings? Please help identification. | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature

I get things like this when my PC is updating various apps, like Win10 of when someone else in the house is sucking up the Wi-Fi connection. They seem always to go away after few minute.
It also occurs when the Internet fails to connect to iSpot for far too many reasons.
Here I am, 6 hours later though and no issues to report. Smooth and sleek for a Saturday, everyone else is glued to the Dancing,

Prelude to a Crash @Chris_Valentine



I am running this. Should I make shorter windows, should I include Global Observation, should I delete it?

I wouldn’t delete it. It has led to quite a few comments, IDs, I think.

Still due for deletion tomorrow (Sunday) - only five people are interested enough to perhaps persuade me to keep it. It was always going to be a short-term Temp project. Only 5 have opened the link above (I am the 6th).
I think this might reflect the general interest
5 of the 9 comments (you mention) are MINE!
It is an easy one to reproduce using the Explore Community (Filter) or filter your OWN Activity Tracker for that period
I can guide you through either should anyone wish
Thanks though for the above