iSpot downtime this week

iSpot will be down for half a day later this week for a software update. Still planning which date but probably Thursday morning.
After the update the site should look and work the same but will be on up to date versions of the software. It is important to carry out periodic updates for the security of the site and to deal with various bugs.


Thanks, yes essential.

I assume the front page message meant to read Thursday 26th. Good luck.

Thanks @Gulvain. Well spotted :slight_smile: I’ve already flagged this one up to be amended too, so you’ll see the amend forthwith! :slight_smile:

The website code has now been updated. It will look the same - and should work the same - but the important thing is that code used back in 2017 has now been brought up to the latest releases.

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It looks OK to me.
We will have to wait a few days to see of it holds out.

It is running really well.
Thanks Coding and testing team.

There’s been a couple of minor changes to make the code more efficient (well, less inefficient!).

A quirk that has appeared since the update - the ‘Return of the Seotitles’:

I have seen this before, some time back; and if the internet is running slow, they often appear briefly as an observation is loading.

Haven’t noticed that one.
However, and I might have this wrong, I now only see names of users online on the Home page. Maybe this was the case before but I thought they appeared at the bottom of the right-hand menu when in observations.

That is a deliberate change as having them on all other pages as well caused a significant load on the system, so just having them on home page saved a whole load of queries from being run and potentially speededs up other pages a small amount.

Thanks for the explanation, Mike - it makes sense.

If you miss off the “processed” title from the end of the URL (ie: just have the record number) you will see that in the browser.