iSpot Etiquette

There is previous material here Etiquette question
There are comments in recent Observations about iSpot etiquette. I suggest references MIGHT best to aired here
This is iSpot’s own Page
It probably needs revising or at least updating and in case you have never read it, it comes from here

I have just remembered why quite a number of the help and other pages about ispot had not been updated since the old system, especially those with images or which need images such as that photography page. The reason was that the ‘new’ system did not allow images in those pages, well it should have but due to a bug it did not and if you tried to edit the page the existing images could vanish. This has now eventually been fixed in an update. Getting decent formatting on those pages is still far from ideal but images are now possible.

everything is fine Mike…we will be patient. Get to the important things first.

Could a link to the etiquette stuff be posted on the home page, at least for a while - some of the stuff on there is hopelessly out of date.

I’d like to see ‘etiquette’ given prominence again. But, to be fair, iSpot is generally a friendly place. And we’ll need to remember that most people won’t see it -given the Christmas is still featuring on the home page, I confess to giving it a miss most of the time.

I think there needs to be a new Version of Ethic & Etiquette.
Which might, for example, have a suggestion about gently nurturing New Registrants, contains the reminder of what NOT to observe, what the Inappropriate click is for and why use the forum and not comments for off-observation discussions,
There needs to be a discussion (here) about Ethic and Etiquette before it is rewritten BUT it certainly should be short and to the bullet-point,

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