Ispot logs me out : add observation

Wanting to add an observation, : Logged in, click Add Obeservation, Addad ALL THE INZFO, click on "Confirmation " and iSpot tells me I am not logged in! If not, how did I get the +Observation Tab!
So I create this Problem, go back and Confirm my observation again, but now iSpot magically accepts It!
(How do I paste a PrtScn here?)

Do you have more than one computer, or tablet, or even more than one browser window logged on. If you just logged out of the one the other may be mixed up.

Above the edit block, the 7th of the buttons above is the upload button.

look for the prtscrn button. Sometimes in blue needing a function button as well.

But on some computers the paste wont work here. In which case I just copy it into Paint, or even Word and then copy it again and then usually it does paste.

No one computer, one window open.