iSpot maintenance

Has the regular time for maintenance changed, or was today’s (8:30) a one-off?
I had learnt not to try posting anything just after 7:30, but that caught me out today.

Me, myself and I too!

It didn’t seem to last long.

Yes - but it ‘lost’ a lengthy comment I had been typing in my usual hit-and-miss fashion. Perhaps it’s just a discerning critic…

I couldn’t log on this evening in Firefox, which is what I normally use. But I could log in on Google Chrome (which I don’t like as much).

I once managed to fix the cookies without loosing them all for other sites.
I think I did it by copying and pasting the content of the URL bar from the working browser to the hissing and spitting browser or something like that.
If that fails you can clear all cookies in the browser history.

We have now set the regular ‘at risk’ time to Thursday mornings, it was this time for many years from start of iSpot but can’t remember if that had been changed in recent years.

The item updated was the forum which only took a few minutes, I think the rest of the site should have remained working during this time although I could be wrong.

The forum is updated rather frequently (perhaps once per month), each time taking just 5mins or so. I don’t know if it is worth putting warnings about each of these updates. For larger changes taking longer then we do put warnings, usually several days ahead if possible.

I appreciate that even short updates can mean the loss of lengthy comments, sorry about that.

It wouldn’t matter if I wasn’t such a poor typist, and one who has to keep revising the text as he goes…

does anyone know why i spot is in maintanance mode. udualy theres a post thst lets people know if its going to be in maintanance mode. this is the first time iv seen it in maintanance mode for a long time


It does this every day. It used to happen at 7:30, resulting in a couple of minutes of unavailability.
Now they seem to have shifted it back an hour, and it happens at 8:30.
I have lost several observations and comments because it doesn’t give you any warning. I ought to set a daily alarm to remind me not to try to interact at that time!

There was a suggestion that the change of time was due to the system not recognising summer time or similar.