iSpot "moments"

iSpot seems to be “stalling” quite bit lately. For me, it seems to be mainly related to adding comments, though this may be coincidence. Tonight, it happened while responding to this one
And I ended up with:

Can the triplication be remedied?

I just tried a comment and it worked fine.
On the technical side I am using desktop Ubintu/Firefox.

Report content as inappropriate. This will immediately remove the comment, Simply write comment duplication as the reason or, when you make a silly blunder, write, sorry (if you are!). Such reports go to the Curator who will allow it of course

This in page 3 of at least 100 showing unidentified objects in iSpot. They are easily located via the Community Filter. EXCEPT it takes 45 seconds to refresh each page of 50 and stalls at 5000.
There are 3294 Fungi and Lichen observations without any ID at all.

Surely the ones without a photo, that have been ignored by the individual user (for up to 10 years) could be removed?
Most of these photo-less ones need inappropriating - I have run out of steam doing them.
Many of them will never generate an ID and could all be put in a cupboard.
As it is, they are scanned at every search request or every time Other Observations are formed in any single Observation
Who knows it might trigger an increase in download speed

I cannot find a Thread called Report Problems but here’s a problem for me
If I copy an Image address like this
It should (and does here) go direct to an Observation Photo - very usefully
BUT if we paste it into a project it generates a messy fault that makes it fail
Look in here, a Temporary Test Zone
❤️ iTest Zone | Project | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature
Please try one for yourself, save the link to the Image, past it IN iSpot for a laugh.

To err is human. Real FUBARs take careful coding…