iSpot 'wobbles'

iSpot is currently crashing on me quite often: new pages ‘hang’, until a Cloudflare time-out is reported.
I can’t link it to anything I’m doing: are others affected too?

I have seen the Cloudflare screen a few times over the weekend.
Lets hope it gets fixed soon.

There’s nothing in the error log to suggest iSpot itself is to blame - so I suspect we’ve been the target of unwanted outside influence again.

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Yes, I got it for 10 mins or so last night.

I am struggling with a slightly dubious Wi-Fi connection while away. I can’t upload any photos at all to iSpot, just the spinning thing on screen forever. Have uploaded same photos successfully to other site. I wonder why this is so.

Has iSpot gone belly up at the moment of is it just me?

Seems there have been a series of short (5min) outages over the past few days. Not sure if it is actually part of the network at OU rather than ispot itself

I have also had a couple of short outages today ending at the Cloudfare screen.

Same here - the site hasn’t loaded a few times for me over the last couple of days

Reply to self! Have managed to upload a few photos, but desperately slow:(. Will wait till I get home to try more.

Oops I see this is a reply to Mike rather than to self, sorry.

The slowdowns appear to be getting worse and the issue is being reported.

I havnt had any probloms with speed and managed to send 2 observations very quickly heres one of them

Another observation was a Robin on some play equipment

Outage at shortly before 1340 this afternoon.

EDITED: back after 15 minutes or less.

I got an email warning that it was down. Looks to be the same issue - particular queries taking ages and the script essentially deciding enough is enough. Its very frustrating that we’ve got this problem again having spent the time moving to a vastly uprated server.