Just for the record

Looking at projects that link to my posts I’ve spotted this (see comment)

NOT LINKING to: https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/southern-africa/view/project/460822/flora-of-the-cape-peninsula/observations
I’m leaving this to the experts.
Is this a problem with the filters or maybe because these pictures were taken a few years ago?

life on the cape peninsula filters only with the area. It falls in the area it is in. Good.
flora of the cape peninsula also has habitat and date filters. Please edit the filters and check. Some of the tag filters when carried over confused upper and lower case (more correctly, the programmers did not check that case mattered and converted text to upper case and screwed up the filters): so check both the date and the habitat filters. I would suggest that you delete the Strandveld filter and replace it and see if this makes a difference.
It should not be a problem with the date because it is after the start date for your filter. Check when editing that it is correct.