Keeping track of the untracked -

This is a bit ‘nerdy’, somehow, and probably says more about my obsessions than about this site.
iSpot is pretty busy at the moment, which is a Good Thing. But it has focussed my attention on an issue it took me a while to recognise.
I try to at least glance at every post - there are very few that don’t interest me in some way. But the downside is that when I move ‘forward’ in the list (say, from page 2 to page 1), I frequently miss one or more observations. New additions will have pushed them down the list, so I miss them. They would have been on (say) page 1, but have slipped down to page 2 in the meantime; but ‘my’ page 2 is fixed as it was when originally loaded, and I don’t see them.
My work-around (as long as I remember to do it) is to refresh page 2 before leaving it. Is there another way to avoid missing posts?

I usually check back to the last post I recall looking at and then work forward. I probably do miss some, as per your outline above, but I don’t worry about it!
I guess you could just look at the gallery and see if there are any you don’t remember looking at. If I were that keen, I’d probably just select the inverts. I have done it from time to time with birds - but mainly to see if there are any without IDs (very rare).

Not sure if this helps or hinders. I try to remember to begin the iSpot day via the Observations List dropdown rather than the carousel and R-click to open each one I want to look at in a new tab. When I’ve done with that, refreshing the O-List will show me the newest ones and I can start again (if I want).

Maybe this (explore community)

Which leads to this

might answer some things…

If you view those observation in LIST view, like here

You might find it easier to remember where you were.

Of course, new Obs are added to the pages as you work though the list BUT they are always in Chono order, so you could take a note of which one you got to (HB Meadow Brown)
Also the posts themselves have a unique number and unfiltered lists will be in Numerical (and Chrono) Order
The most recent post, as I began this, was /865167/ but is now /865170/ and in half an hour it will be /865183/. Those numbers are easy to record with a pencil and they are easily pasted into any other Observation URL, remembering the crucial forward slashes.
I do not look at every observation but if I did, I would record, with a pencil, the last one I looked at.
In my Tracker, (when the yellows have gone) I tend to go though ALL the entries by date (day). I may have to go back a few days! I never filter my tracker but always look for Comment entries or IDs added first.

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Thanks for the comments. The easiest answer, of course, is to start at the beginning, and work backwards. It just doesn’t ‘feel’ right!