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Last night in limbo

Probably my fault wanting to download late at night, when it was cooler.
There was no indication that the site was not working - but halfway through my work - iSpot didn’t want to respond.
So I ignored the fact that my ID wasn’t linking, and tabs just thinking and tried to download regardless - unsuccessful.
Waited a while - and then another while.
Was iSpot busy on something else at a quiet time?

Do you know what time - in BST - that might be? There are a set of scheduled scripts that trigger in the early morning that can slow things down - plus during the short period of the backup the site is locked down.

Thanks for the reply Chris - late night v. early morning.
Can’t remember the precise time - I should have recorded it in my message, sorry - probably before midnight and not much later then 1am BST - just remembering the children’s computer game (probably misquoting ) ‘time passes’ - the computer was thinking…
I tried a few times, thinking things might settle down.
Initially, I was able to post images, and two tags - things started going wrong at the third (regular) tag. Then, when I needed to select the species name there was no link to the dictionary.
Something must have been thinking…
Things were back to normal the next day - thanks.

Doesn’t sound like it was down to a scheduled script or backup then.
How large are your image files in bytes?

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Oh dear, Chris - you’re making me use my brain - depends on the cameras I used at the time - my pics are usually 'point-and-click. But then I use ‘zb module’ to add text.
Also, sometimes I fiddle with enhancing the images.
Checked a couple of pics - they all vary, and then there is the problem that many have seen a journey, over the years, from one computer to another.
Note, I started my digital photography in about the year 2000, when there was a devastating fire on the Cape Peninsula and lots of flowers to photograph.
Think we should to see if this was just a one-off and if not I’ll take more care of recording what actually happened.