@dejayM trust this will work for you.
I’ve been looking at lichens for a while now and my mind is full of past links.
So I thought I’d drop links willy nilly (A-Z) and see if any may be of use,
I’ll edit just this one and see if it works:
C date 2023/04/07 Consortium of Lichen Herbaria Taxa with Images Consortium of Lichen Herbaria Image Library

H date 2023/04/06 Mason Hale - Wikipedia

S date 2023/04/06 Seaside Lichens. Seaside Lichens | Smithsonian Ocean

  • date 2023/04/06 SMITHSONIAN The lichen herbarium is one of the largest and best curated collections in the world, numbering about 230,000 specimens. The collection of ferns and fern allies also rates as particularly significant, both in terms of size and scientific/historical value (can’t remember how to access it)

T date 2023/04/06 Tropical Lichens

W .date 2023/04/06 - WIRTH The Lichens Baden-Württemberg.pdf ?? I have it on my computer but this is the only link I can find.

Thanks, nice. I will look them through carefully and probably add them to
which hardly anyone ever opens

Nothing is ever easy
“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt
But somebody (maybe just ONE person) might appreciate your effort and benefit from it…

Already rather a lot of people have benefitted from Derek’s efforts. I particularly value his work with the seaweeds and other seashore/marine organisms, things which so often go unnoticed even though so many people visit the coast or live there.
Perhaps everyone should take an interest in a particular habitat or group of organisms as you do with the Cape flora (a huge task).
When I was at college everyone had to spend a year on one group of plants and present it as a small part of the exam. Derek has instigated something a little like this with some of the iFocus although that is bringing everyone to look at a particular group. Perhaps some people would like to carry this on and start to become experts in certain groups as traditionally happens.


Watch for my Sub-habitat iVenture on Friday.
I’m really hoping the idea might attact those who are here to learn. I am.
I’m not specially good at IDing Lichens with or without a key

This work deserves some support Just a small patch between the suburban homes

But interesting to see how it attracts wildlife.