LICHENS - in the news again

The latest Veld & Flora (not reached me yet) has an article about lichens.
So trying to find our more I came across this:
New lichen species discovered
Prof Stefan Siebert from the Unit for Environmental Sciences and Management at the North-West University (NWU), together with academics from various American universities, recently described two new lichen species, the first discoveries of its kind in three decades.
Looks very interesting, especially for those interested in geology.
I’ll follow up later with what they say in Veld & Flora.

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Made me go back to my lichens - so many yet to sort.
This one I think has some useful links towards identification.

I started out on iSpot with a primary school understanding of lichens - so think I’m progressing.
Loads of encouragement from iSpotters

The DOIGE Link unearthed 2. GYMNOCARPEAE
Extracted from The South African Fungi and Lichens to the End of 1945
About the author
Ethel Doidge - Wikipedia

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