Looking at name changes

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Looking at Sarcocornia pillansii (difficult to identify at the best of times)

Sarcocornia pillansii (Moss) A.J.Scott

First published in Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 72: 368 (1977 publ. 1978)
This name is unplaced
Unplaced names are names that cannot be accepted, nor can they be put into synonymy

Then from Jstor

Phylogeny, biogeography, systematics and taxonomy of Salicornioideae (Amaranthaceae / Chenopodiaceae) – A cosmopolitan, highly specialized hygrohalophyte lineage dating back to the Oligocene

Mikko Piirainen, Oskar Liebisch and Gudrun Kadereit**
FROM THE Abstract
…As a consequence, we propose the merging of Sarcocornia under Salicornia and provide 19 new nomenclatural combinations and one replacement name. For Salicornia (incl. Sarcocornia) we propose a new infrageneric classification to accommodate the four phylogenetically and geographically well-supported sublineages of the genus. We also propose abandoning the name Arthrocnemum in its current use, and describe two new genera, Arthrocaulon (Eurasia, Africa) and Arthroceras (North America), and provide three new nomenclatural combinations.
lineage dating back to the Oligocene
That’s when I feel it’s appropriate to leave it to the experts.