Lost observations

We released the :snowflake:Rescuing Prisoners Project​:snowflake:today.
Comments here are welcome

a very rare and spectacular observation, locked and invisible for years
One of many Isle of Rhum Observations by Sean Morris

Hope it is not your lung, perhaps nicer photo might attract more comments.
Is it clear how to give feedback on which ones people have done, e.g. just reply here or there with a list of numbers?
was about to do 696627 but already done!

Define “nicer photo”! I would hope it might attract interest. Of course I could put up a picture of a Fungus or a Moth - who agrees?
PLEASE (everyone) consider adding agreements to any you find already done. And more added comments will make for better summaries by future iSpot researchers and historians.
Some repatriated prisoners https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/project/816089/

I like the new focus on small areas. It’s a great idea. And I am not put off by the image above! It’s actually rather beautiful and could be something out of the sea. Not so beautiful for the calf, perhaps, but all of Nature is about things living off other things.

The Older project LOST OBSERVATIONS is still running in a different format

The project is running again
Take a look here
Without Lost Observations Projects, GEMS like this are LOST almost forever.
Please consider helping to VALIDATE
another in the last few minutes

I will never give up on Lost Observations (four of 22)
I find them regularly, just by looking. Some are very worthy of a second look
Watch a video here - https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/global/view/observation/122052/
Perhaps read my comments
It has been nearly a year since the small team RESCUED at least 1500 similar Observations inside the UK&I Community.

there is still a huge backlog of lost observations - those without a likely banner

There are easily sifted using the Explore Community Filter, so if you are interested in Mammals (there are 80) then you can do iSpot a great service by adding an ID to them.

Without some supporting comment, ‘this cannot be IDd from the photo’ or ‘I would support an ID of Family here’ or perhaps "I think this should be deleted" We are all a bit afraid to do what might be necessary.
Many of them, specially the ones older than a year, would be quite satisfactory with a pretty high Taxonomy ID like Bumble Bee (Bombus) or Fungi (both of which already have collections) but someone needs to DO it!