Map problems brown map

Has anyone noticed maps that were ok becoming blank sometime after the observation was posted? I think this has happened to a couple of observations that I have looked at recently but I can’t be sure the observatoin did have the map present initially.
In one case the original poster has now corrected the problem but other case it is still present 07.57 1/12/2022 Lichen | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature
Update, am getting the issue with all cases where a map is needed so may be a problem with Google maps in general.

The map is showing up correctly for me in that observation.

Perhaps it was just a glitch in the bit of internet where I was looking at the observation from.

Yes - I think it may be a temp thing - it’s happened to me and I thought it may be something to do with screen size, which I change sometimes.
But Google maps do change, I’m sure. Going back to some of my old posts and the maps don’t match the terrain that I remember.