March 3 is World Wildlife Day!

March 3 is celebrated globally as World Widlife Day and the 2024 theme is “Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation”. World Wildlife Day places a spotlight on connecting people with the natural world and inspiring continued learning and action for animals and plants beyond the day.

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iSpot joins the celebration and continued efforts placing a spotlight on wildlife and biodiversity and the important role online communities, like ours, has contributing to conservation work being done around the world!

Share your thoughts and comments below, considering:

  • How are we the community #ConnectingPeopleAndPlanet for #WWD2024 and beyond?
  • What #DigitalInnovation in wildlife conservation inspires you or sparks your curiosity?
  • How has as a #TechForWildlife inspired you?
  • What other kind of #TechForWildlife are you (or someone you know) using?

They have kept that quiet.

I think ‘they’ are UN/CITES as this represents the anniversary of original signing of CITES. I’d not heard of it either.
We all care for the natural world I would guess or we wouldn’t be here ? But (you knew that word was coming!) can we effectively care for wildlife, looking at the work of CITES, unless we care for people alongside that. Some places are impacted by the effects of land clearing for farming and for fuel, and the temptations of the illegal pet trade, exacerbated by poor governance and by poverty. Habitats are reduced and fragmented, species are put at risk. More ways are needed to encourage projects that engage people at grass roots level in actions that help protect their natural surroundings from further degradation yet allow improvements in living standards.

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Okay, so

The site gathers data about the natural environment, some of which (?) is transmitted onward to organisations that maintain records. I/we strive to learn - know what you have and be able to safeguard it better. iSpot does well in contributor interaction, that connecting word, working towards greater understanding of the natural world and its myriad components whilst continuing to highlight the importance of the human dimension.

We’d be helped by continuing investment in the maintenance and operation of iSpot. In relation to IT and tech innovation, I really do feel that the Pl@ntNet trial has run its course and should be formally evaluated by users and curators together (I don’t think this has been done?), and, IMO, brought to a close.

I really do feel that the Pl@ntNet trial has run its course and should be formally evaluated by users and curators together”.
I think this is my view too. My first observation, as an iSpot user, would be that a Global PlantNet version has produced so many unlikey to impossible ( outside of any Kew Tropical House posts) IDs that UK & Eire posts have not been supported by the exercise.

I would like to see what a UK& Eire version of PlantNet produces; I think it could be successful, though obviously needing a trial of its own.

I understand that iSpot has changed to use PlantNet’s northwest Europe data set. That has resulted in it giving Petasites japonicus for a plant that I and its global dataset identified as Primula denticulata.

So, did I miss the notice about PlantNet NW Europe now being used? *

Primula; I think this may be the obs you are referring to;

The post is dated 4.3.24 & your ID is dated the same day. The Plantnet contribution (dated 5.3.24) is understandable given the photo.

  • Another question ( my first was when did the change happen?); will the NWE version automatically, or manually update earlier Global PlantNet IDs? Or is that not part of the plan?

Is this a new trial, or has it been decided ( by the earlier trial analysis) to be the new ispot AI solution?

This is article:

is about to celebrate it first anniversary. The 12th of March start of the TV series was last year. Time to retire this from the front page.