Missing Interactions

I think I have another major issue.

Please check for interactions that have not copied across. If you have any interactions, please try and check them (and dont complain too much - we know how difficult it is to access interactions: no entry from the community menu, no options from the MySpot menu, and no way of filtering for them)

If I am correct, all interactions of the type “Associated with” have been lost during the transfer. (the code for “associated with” was “0”)

I suspect that over 3000 southern African interactions have disappeared.

Please check. I am interested in:

  • any “associated with” interactions that did get carried over
  • any other types of interactions that did not get carried over.

OK Tony
What I did (but not always) was duplicate my observations on my Flickr site, and then added a link back to iSpot; so I should be able to check quite a few of them.
Question now - how many do you want to prove your point? And will this help?
Luckily I prefixed my headings with “Associated”.
Then, where do you want us to list these?
Here’s one https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/southern-africa/view/observation/714956/associated-crustose-lichen-brownish-with-black-apothecia-northern-cape-2012
See how few/many of my posts get any response. If you (the SA Commmunity) really think there is a value in what we are doing, it’s not reflected in the response to Lichen observations.
To make it easier https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/southern-africa/view/project/733285/marland-lichen-finds-in-south-africa
I’ve checked this out - it should be easy to spot the “Associated” observations.

I suspect that all “ASSOCIATED WITH” interactions have been lost.
So what I want please are:

  1. any ASSOCIATED WITH interactions that EXISTS on the new site!
  2. any other type of interaction that HAS BEEN LOST on the new site!

Dont report “Associate with” that are LOST: I already have a list of 3548 of these for southern Africa (sorry - I dont have UK data from the old site to check)
Dont report any other type of interaction that EXISTS as there are probably about 10 000 (8 391 in s Africa) of these and it would be pointless.

Just checked: all the interaction types carried over seemingly OK. (i.e. the categories of interactions are correct on the new site).

Seems really strange that the programmers transferring the data would not have realized that interaction = 0 = Associated With.
Did no one check that the number of interactions on the old site was 11 939 interactions but on the new site was 8 391 observations? Why did alarm bells not ring all over the place?

Alternatively the interactions do exist, but they are just not being displayed on the new site. But again: did the programmers not realize that the code 0 required them to use the range 0:8 instead of 1:8 for displaying interactions?

My new ASSOCIATED WITH posts do work, but I’m not sure what you mean by “any ASSOCIATED WITH interactions that EXISTS on the new site!”

try finding an ASSOCIATED WITH observation that came over from the old site. If you can, then please tell me.

I’m getting bogged down trying to move forward at the same time as sorting out the links.
I was hoping that the associations would have been a bug that the team should be able to sort out -
Also spending too much time here at the forum. :expressionless:

Working through my Lichen list (quite an ordeal to remember where I was) I have a new problem for you https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/southern-africa/edit/observation/319037 - the image is there in the edit view but the name seems to be lost.
I’ll check now to see if I’ve recorded it on Flickr.
Clues Noordhoek Beach, 15 June 2012
This is the title but not the same photo

Couldn’t rest so found the original link on my hard drive
And here we have it https://www.ispotnature.org/node/158462
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Sleepless nights…and 404 nightmares

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But I also monitor shipping on the Thames and that’s another story. Some really interesting vessels visit our waters. Don’t always find them on tracker - but see the Idiosyncratic album https://www.flickr.com/photos/marland/albums