Missing observation

Back in June 2014 I saw a colony of Symphytum on the Isabel Trail in Stafford, which I initially identified as Symphytum asperum. As I recall Jo Parmenter correcting me on this, I can be sure that it was entered on iSpot. I can’t find it among my 1900+ observations using the map view, which implies either

  1. the observations tab isn’t displaying all observations, or
  2. the observation has been lost from the database, or
  3. the location has been corrupted.

I tried to find an old post of mine a couple of days ago. But the site is so unstable at the moment that I wasn’t able to work out if that has also gone awol or not.
Yesterday I was able to catch up on many missed recent observations, but today the Gremlins are back at it. And I have, of course, forgotten what I’d been looking for…

Using Explore Community Filter to effect MIGHT find it for you
It is possible that the ID was ‘reduced’ to Genus. You have 14 associated Obs. One of those MIGHT be the one.
And it is possible that it might have been made into another Genus since then
The Explore Community (filter) is working like lightning just now.
This (2017) might be the one https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/743286/ 2017 was a VERY bad year for iSpot!

If you want a listing of your ispot observations (with location etc) I can give you that.

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There was a time - when the system needed to be made more secure - lots of gremlins crept in - one being dates corrupted, so when searching by date in the ZA community I needed to start with a day earlier.
Tony and the ZA community got very hot-under the collar (many Forum remarks at the time) that’s when they all migrated.
No regrets that I remained, one needs to learn to cope. Keep Calm and Carry On :rofl:

Query. Yesterday I posted this beetle, hoping for some help from the “iSpot Invertebrata”.

But although it is in my Activity Tracker I cannot see it on the Global Observation carousel(s).

…Time passes and the next post I made does not seem to be in the Global carousel either.