Missing thumbnails

For most of the day the thumbnails have been missing from the help with ID carousel on the home page.
They still go to the observations if clicked on.

Yes we know about this issue but not found out yet why this is happening.

You should find that if you make the carousel scroll or change the size of the browser window slightly, they’ll magically appear. Not sure yet why they’re not appearing when the page loads.

It sounds like a very awkward problem to fix.
I will wait patiently.

Scrolling the carousel did the trick for me. Thanks.

Discovering the scrolling trick should make it easier to fix in the long run.
It works for me too.

I’m having the issue with both the local and global thumbnails now. But resizing and then restoring the page fixes the problem. Most peculiar!

Me too - although last week, accessing the site from the train using my phone as a modem, both carousels loaded every time. I’m not touching the code at all, so whatever is causing this appears to be external to iSpot itself.

The scrolling trick works on both.
It looks like a screen refresh problem.