MOOC - Introduction to Ecosystems

What is an ecosystem? What is co-evolution? How do species interact with
their habitat? How do we preserve ecosystems? These are some of the
questions posed and answered in Introduction to Ecosystems, a course from The Open University available via FutureLearn

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How does this relate to iSpot? Is there a connection: do they use iSpot in the course?

Yes the course does, have you looked at the course, it has been running for several years, anyone from anywhere can do it.

No: I did that at UCT over 40 years ago,and published on conservation in the 1990s. I could use my Rands for more useful courses …

Why not add a link? Will be interested to see what it entails though …

The point about MOOCs is that they are free so no need for any Rands unless you want a certificate (for £39). There has been a link to the course on the front page of ispot (UK and Global communities) for several years, not sure why it is not on the other communities as I was not curator at the time it was put on.