More access glitches

Just had error 1034 from CloudFlare

That’s a new one on me! Its not even a standard http response code (they finish at 599). Apparently its a DNS issue, but the explanation does make a lot of sense. If it happens again could you please let us know? 9 preview removed by me)

That’s exactly what I found. I can’t think we would ever have pointed our domain ( at the IP address of a public DNS server, so I think this must have been a short-term issue at CloudFlare.

No idea what is going on in this screenshot! This has happened seemingly at random when I am looking at observations over the last couple of weeks or so

. Refresh takes it away - maybe it appears for other users?

The odd text represents placeholders which are to be used as keys to the text specific to a particular language. If the rendering is done at the client side then your browser has failed to connect to the dataset that contains the language specific text; if the rendering is done at the server side there’s been an analogous failure of access.

The issue I’ve seen a couple of times lately is that the bones of the page are present, but no data (images, identifications, comments), meaning that the server was accessible, but the database wasn’t.

I’ve also has a few error 500s.