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A wonderful post (not for the caterpillar!): and on a par is:

A whole mysterious world beckons!

Thanks for the new THREAD - much needed

Good choices. Wondering if we should devise a relevant descriptive tag and ask posters to add it to observations? The tag would make it easier to find such observations.

“… a relevant descriptive tag and ask posters to add it to observations?”
An excellent idea, but I fear it would fail in its execution; if the number of times I’ve asked users to revise an invalid ID is aught to go by.
It’s further evidence in support of dejayM’s proposal for extra curators with limited powers of intervention - such as adding a tag; and direct contact with said users. The main reason I shy away from immediately adding a revised ID myself is that it prevents newbies from accruing reputation points. If I could do it on their behalf (with explanatory note), we’d all (well, most) be happy.

One of the main reasons we can’t get extra curators is that the admin system is set up to specifically not allow the kinds of powers that we would want to give them. The admin system is one of the things that needs to be updated after the species dictionary so there is a slight chance that this might become possible if the new version is more granular in allowing powers to users.

I have no buts about that, except we have to learn to get IDs right and to present them in such a way to encourage agreements (points). It’s a tough process but may be best in the longer term, (specially when the dictionary is more helpful!).

I have thought a lot about assistant curators - they are MUCH needed to help the Curator control iSpot.
ACs really don’t need much power, perhaps only a response from users themselves, or the Curator.
We already have quite a lot of power as users including a direct line to the Curator who will add tags (thanks).

At the moment I’d prefer to see the Curator being given more power (to remove locked Invalid IDs would be a start) and a PROPER assistant whose role is to fill the days when the (part-time) Curator is absent.

A much needed improvement would be that the Log-on page should be the Changes Tracker, with all our own Activity removed. everyone would then have to choose to ignore the Tracker, rather than not know it exists.
Taxa curators and ACs would, I see, be well ‘employed’ helping prevent Observations from being ignored completely (or until I write a project to find them). collecting blocks of their own ‘taxa’ and reviewing them with elicited (I’m certain forthcoming) assistance.

Both sets of Cs would also help add High Taxa IDs as a last resort. Nurturing ‘promising’ newbies, ones that are likely to stay (MUST be worthwhile) and perhaps working on the huge backlog of lost, forgotten perhaps hopeless Observations, Currently 7000.

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Don’t miss this little piece of excellence

Such an unusual observation it’s a favourite.

Photographed my first lacewing today but it’s nothing like this instant “golden larva with horns”!

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Yes - some posts are still MIA.
They can be (hopefully!) reposted by the originators, provided they are aware of the issues.
But lost IDs (after posting), agreements, and comments may NOT be so easily noticed and remedied.

Many thanks! I liked them too. btw, there’s an “h” missing at the start of your link, it should be … but unfortunately the post seems to have been lost somewhere in today’s troubles. If it can’t be recovered, I’ll try to re-post in a day or two.

Another exemplary post from our representative on Ultima Thule:

Really, really good.

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Good shots of the subject, lovely ones of the locale.

Now re-posted at Apologies if it’s not exactly the same set of photos as in the original.

mini promotion
Find some…
Via the ¼❤️iFocus

Just peanuts a kind of day favourite. WHO has peanuts growing and why not upload an observation (as it is in the dictionary)

It’s a small world

A day favourite
Find some!

For the video as much as aught else. Good stuff (though the aphids probably don’t agree)!