More Missing Pictures

Either the location (Clevedon-Portishead area) or the location name (Cardiff, misspelt) is wrong.

Yes, ‘She’ has been contributing since 2011 and has not even gained an Icon. If I could track her, like I used to Track you, I would find a way to brighten her day.

thanks - v thoughtful of you!

After 11 months of walking about on near-level ground each year, am always amazed by how easy it looks to climb up mountains - until you draw close to them…they are very much steeper here than in the UK.

A second ID (which might be tongue in cheek!) suggests the pic was present earlier. But a message should go to Bill, who does not frequent these pages. I’d say the pic simply needs reloading but with a ‘cleaner’ Title. We still haven’t got to the bottom of this. I wish one of mine would go missing as it might be easier to check why. I believe they must have something in common.

I saw a thumbnail earlier, so I presume that a photograph was present earlier, and the link provided by Steve showing Fallopia japonica presumably presents that photograph.

yep, and there’s a few Sparrows missing from this eve’s Carousel (all one contributor). I dropped early messages on the author but will he see them? Does anyone look at their posts anymore?

I feel inclined NOT to report any more missing pictures. Most of them have a comment left for the Author and few have seen any action - typically.
This suggests to me that many of these will remain as they are until someone from Admin reminds all posters that part of the ‘game’ here is to return to our own Observations occasionally. This particularly apples to posters who are looking for an ID Typically small blocks are from a single user. Some are by very experienced users who nevertheless are not looking at Comments.

There are indeed an alarming no. of these ,& checking 1 or 2 they’re not the same as those where the picture shows up in this forum (ie I believe all those depicted in ‘missing pictures’ etc have been fixed.
I’ve posted a way posts can be formed with no pictures at (which I’ll unpublish later). When 1st posted it had 2 photos. But then I edited it, & altered the location, but probably any alteration or none at all will make the pictures disappear. (& one worries if that’s permanent!). Could this be the case for all these missing pictures? -anyway it’s a major flaw

Yes, and well done Chris. Can you be any more specific. Yesterday I posted 15 pix in one Ob., edited it maybe 6 times, reordered the pix and swapped a few 'round. I seem to be constantly altering the text in the description box of some posts, to keep up with my thoughts or ID developments - nothing I do makes pix disappear. There was a thought that Picture titles may cause issue, say with strange symbols - we all know what iSpot does to &mpers&nds.

I’ve only posted 8 observations since aug 2016, & believe I’ve only edited 2, & in each case the pictures disappeared. The other is (where I tried to remove the tag ‘near a small river’). (& I’ve a copy in wordpad of the picture location at but the link no longer works (suggesting the pic no longer exists)
So it’s odd you can’t get it to work. (maybe something to do w. browsers) or computers (mine’s a desktop windows 10 & firefox)? NB I’ve no time to look into any of this

That’s fine, what you’ve done is awakened my genuine interest and started work that should be done by the Admin Team.
So see this

I have done as many things as I can think of to ‘swing its little mood’.
I am also using a PC, WIN10, Chrome and a nice camera! IMG Titles are plain original ones like P2015567. I used to change them to descriptive ones like Side View but no longer do that as it’s a waste of time
Whilst I have slowed down with posting, I have done some quite technical Observations with quite a bit of editing but still nothing has ‘disappeared’ an illustration. I cannot remember the last time, if EVER, posting an observation with just one photo!

I’ve done another trial post, & this time it edited ok. The big difference, is when I edited the dead crow, there were no pictures in the edit, but with crow & squirrel the 1 pic was still there. (so if on editing you find no pictures just abort ie go back)

There are still a number of unanswered issues for me.
1 What might cause the original loss?
2 Can you reload the original picture?
3 What is the point of editing when the illustration is absent.
4 Is it possible you are using illegal characters in IMG Titles
I cannot replicate this error because my pictures never seem to go missing.
BUT I have just had a lot of fun here read my Notes.

…and I end up with a blank screen - no pictures at all (although curiously the hairy tare was back again this morning!). All very mysterious.

this is common with me - all too frequently the post refuses to complete. But I have a shortcut in Chrome to flush Mem, Cache and History. It does solve it. I think iSpot is loaded with code that eats your resource all to quickly.
this is my shortcut chrome://settings/clearBrowserData (paste into address bar - ONLY for Chome) make certain your Password box is unticked
EDIT - removed illustration. If you want it back ask

Here y go. I have spent FIVE mins visiting posts and places in iSpot.
This happens very quickly - filters take too long to load thumbs, then posts themselves grey out

iSpot has eaten all my resource. My solution?

It works every time - clear Browsning History and Flush Ram, run a Cookis cleaner - I use Ccleaner (free and harmless)
I think there is more to this. iSpot is grinding to halt in many respects that are not detectable in the normal day to day ID-seeking area. It seems, to me, it is being allowed to suffocate

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Thanks - that grey screen is precisely what I had … but this has only happened to me in the past few days, despite my bad habit of opening up 20 or more observations as new windows in one go. Maybe I just reached the critical mass. I have now book-marked the clear-up tool.

Struggling Supporters
To be honest Jo. I think this has much more to do with the way iSpot IS suffocating than our resources. The way we are being treated by Admin suggests to me they have no answers to this gradual demise.
In my opinion, by being so quiet, they are being utterly disrespectful to struggling supporters.I am one of those.

Not all of them - MikeD has maintained a presence on the Forum and is as frustrated as the rest of us, I suspect. We should give them till the end of the month, at any rate. After that? We still have a situation where nothing out there is as good as ISpot even in its current poor state. I am planning to raise the issue at the next BSBI Research meeting (Oct 3rd) and although the BSBI cannot do anything directly, we may be able to apply a little pressure that way.

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