My Octopus Teacher - A captivating SA documentary

Documentary premiering on NETFIX in RSA tomorrow
An amazing documentary about a man’s bond with an octopus entitled ‘’ My Octopus Teacher’’ is captivating film festivals and competition judges worldwide. The feature documentary is a collaboration driven by the Sea Change Project and NGO raising awareness

More on this incredible documentary

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I once watched a TV program about octopusses and they did an interview with a scientist who had been loosing exhibits from fish tanks in the lab.
They resorted to CCTV and found that the culprit was an octopus that climbed out of its tank and raided the other tanks before returning to its home tank.
Octopusses are not stupid.


Thanks. I want one.
The videos here are very educational

The coconut link (3) is remarkable

The whole piece is remarkable; thank you.

Did you see they won the Oscar?

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yes, amazing. I have seen a few clips. It’s a whole good story. Thanks
here’s a trailer for anyone else

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