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There have been loads of videos this week - holiday spots along the South African coast
I’ll post some

The Brass Bell at Kalk Bay has had this before.
I remember the waves breaking over our railway train at Kalk Bay Station when we were young…

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Entertainment staff HEROES a bit long winded…

The guitarist who saved hundreds of people on a sinking cruise liner

How can there be those huge waves on the eastern side as it is protected both from the west and to some extent from the east. Have seen dramatic waves on the western side exposed to the atlantic.

Interesting Mike there have always been high seas at Kalk Bay - from what I hear it was the spring tide combined with very strong winds. Then the weather moved up the coast.
Brass Bell is on the seaward side of the railway line Kalk Bay Harbour also has these problems - remember frequent tales of boats being wrecked there
2015 Harbour House

Some good shots here including surfers (log in required)