NBN and other links

Not used ispot for a while but I just noticed (not too surprisingly) that many of the links do not work. The NBN link is to the Gateway which ceased on 30/03/2017 and was then replaced by the NBN Atlas. Two years is quite a long time to realise that the link is outdated and non-functional and should be a major embarrassment to ispot and the Open University. Oh the EOL link is broken too. I think ispot is now run by its users with no input from the creators.

I agree - embarrassing
But you will find, generally speaking, the NBN link goes to the correct Organism but with the wrong attribution (blame NBN); like here
So look for the BLUE link on the page and click it.
But there is often more to it than a click http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=416665
As for EOL, that has been down since they reorganised their Website, maybe three years ago, predating the Ghastly Recode here anyway.
The EoL link is best found via a Search Engine - here tis https://eol.org/pages/448837/articles