Nests in garden

I know we don’t put bat roosts on site but I can’t recall whether or not I’ve read anything about nests, especially in our own gardens.
I was clearing some cow parsley today (yes, in the garden - I’m next to a farmer’s field) so that I could see the honeysuckle and came across a pheasant nest with 11 eggs. I’ve read up on nesting times and it seems likely that for Lincolnshire it’s been abandoned. I haven’t heard or seen pheasants in here for some time. I’ll keep an eye on it though.
Advice, please.

There is an awful lot more pheasants than usual this year as most of the shooting has been off due to the pesky virus.
They are all over our allotments. I have had two for my cooking pot this year.

In theory, “live” nests are not permitted, but this doesn’t seem to be widely known/observed.
An interesting iSpot project, if anyone could think how to “filter” it - the species that have benefitted from lockdown: deer (no market for culled animals with the restaurants closed), edible fungi (same reason, plus the “by-catch” of inedible species), various “biters” (more humans visiting local sites).
Sadly, the list of those who lost out (disturbance, trampling, fires etc.) would be longer.

Thanks, both. I’ve decided not to post the photo. The only interest really would be the habitat. I suppose we could have some sort of ‘virus’ taxon for that interesting project idea!