New technology and the rediscovery of thought to be extinct species

HBS Records for 2021 (

I had previously wondered about the potential utility of drones for plant recording, giving access to inaccessible or inconveniently accessible locations.

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Impressive use of drones indeed. Of one plant:
“ The population, which we estimate to number around 10 individuals, was discovered via drone survey, and our specimen was also collected by drone. Material was brought to the NTBG horticul- tural center as cuttings (which subsequently flowered on the mist bench).”

Yes drones would have made fieldwork that I used to do much quicker and easier and less hazardous as we were collecting information from tree canopy.

I’ve seen climbing botanists on ropes in Avon Gorge checking various populations of the endemics. Drones would make it a lot easier.