New user posting photos which may not be theirs

A new user registered earlier today has been creating posts with photos some of which seem to be widely available elsewhere on the internet. In some cases these are photos of the “wrong” species (ie not what they are claimed to be - and probably not found on a West Lothian nature reserve!)

I’ve reported a couple of sample posts so that the iSpot team are aware.

Here all I’d say is “Be Alert!”

His plant photographs seem to be legitimate. (I wondered about some of the species, but post-industrial sites often have an odd flora.) A charitable interpretation is that he didn’t manage to get good photographs of the birds so he repurposed images from wiki to “illustrate” his observations.

’Be Alert’

Yes, a good few people agreed without noticing, he is now a 2 icon birder with no observations.
He has taken down all 16 Wiki pix this morning. I also tipped off Miked and he sent an personal email - it is that process that forces the users to take action, because leaving comments for someone who does not open the ‘tracker’ is usually a waste of time. One would hope he now aims to get his own photos and add them.
His Gallery of Birds now looks bare

It’s good to see that he’s still posting … using his own photos!

Yes. I suspect he was trying to use iSpot as a way of databasing all his sightings, something it is really not designed to do.