NEW: Welcome to iForum LIVE!

Welcome to iForum LIVE! a new space for featured messaging and live chat events using the iSpot Forum.

iForum LIVE! is a new category area of the iSpot Forum. See the announcement about the launch here.These are planned events hosted as themed messaging and chat discussion topics to bring the community together at scheduled dates and times.

What is the difference between this and regular messaging in iSpot Forum categories and topics?

  • Each iForum LIVE! themed event will be set up as a topic in this category.
  • Events will be facilitated with a host or hosts with live chatting as part of the discussion.
  • Event topics will be announced for a scheduled date and time or times to facilitate messaging and chatting LIVE!
  • Topics can feature polls, questions and themes to stimulate thought and keep the chat going for the set time frame.

We hope YOU, our community, will join topics of interest so we can interact, engage and chat together in a LIVE setting!

Can’t join and chat live? Each event topic discussion thread will be open for messaging until the next scheduled event. You are welcome to join in and add to or continue the discussion before comments close. But we do hope as many as possible can join LIVE for what we hope will be online interactive, lively messaging and chats.

Look out for the updated announcement and notification with iForum LIVE! links and how you can join in and details about events as they are planned. Interested in hosting an iForum LIVE! event or finding out more? Do contact us at [email protected]